What is Ronnie’s Field?

My name is Jen and since setting up my dog walking business Just Jen Dog Walking in May 2015, my passion for dogs and giving great customer service increased to the stage where I wanted to give and offer more.


My idea was to create a secure and private dog park where dogs can safely be walked, and also to extend this out to family, friends and customers, and ultimately, anyone who needs the security of knowing their dog will be completely safe to run around and exert all that energy!


Ronnie’s Field (named after my one and only best friend!) is privately owned and managed by Just Jen Dog Walking and can be found in Charlton Kings, easily accessible by road.


Ronnie’s Field isn’t just a space to exercise your dog; it has been created especially to incorporate things that make that walk more enjoyable and fun!

The important and essential things:

  • 6ft fencing enclosing the whole area
  • Over 5 acres of beautiful countryside
  • Parking
  • Eco-friendly poo tanks
  • Water

The fun and interesting things:

  • Picnic tables at the top for you to sit at after a gentle climb to the top of the hill, and from where to enjoy the view – and a flask of something hot if you are organised!
  • Shelter for when the heavens open!
  • Wooded areas for more shady walks
  • Balls and throwers
  • A nature trail (and a treat if you find them all!)
  • Fairy Forest where you can search for fairies
  • Tyre swings

Ronnie’s Field is ideal for:

  • Dogs with little or no recall
  • Nervous dogs who don’t like to be around other dogs/people
  • Challenging dogs who are better when exercised on their own
  • Owners wanting a peaceful space where they, and their best friend/s won’t be bothered by other people and dogs
  • Bitches in season
  • New pups who need training in a safe place
  • Nervous owners who need to build their confidence with their dog
  • Gatherings for small groups of people (up to 10) wanting a private space to chill, let off steam, relax, picnic or celebrate an occasion!